Dear Mr Cruise,        Hello my name is Aedan Walker  and I am a great fan of yours . I love all your movies expecially mission impossible 3 . One of my favourite action movies ever . I  am a huge fan of your movies. Did you like drama in school, I know I do. How […]

Dear creators of Fallen London, My opinion is Fallen London is an amazing tell- tel game where you can make choices for your character earn money and jewellery. You can buy weapons, clothes and hats. On the down side you start in jail however when you get out of jail it is fun because you can buy a house […]

The book I read was called tinder . The main character is called Otto Hundebiss , his  family got slathered brutally .He is a soldier and he got lost in the woods . He  found a tall creepy building , he knocked the door flew open ,he entered . He saw a rich women .She said  he could stay for […]

Once there lived a boy called Bob and he loved a girl called Tia. However Tia loved someone else and she always made puppy eyes at him.  The next day they were playing spin the bottle, he came up with a plan to make the bottle land on Tia and it did. so he asked who she […]

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“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” ― Ernest Hemingway